Jensen Interceptor, Sematic4, Metronóm

  • ▩ LINEUP Jensen Interceptor (Lone Romantic, CPU, Mechatronica) Sematic4 (Dalmata Daniel, Bass Agenda Recordings) Aurin b2b Normal Tamas ▩ INFO Jensen Interceptor is one of the most active producers in the present electro scene. The Australian beatdealer relentlessly distributing his stuff on the biggest labels like Lone Romantic, Central Processing Unit, Cultivated Electronics, Zone and Mechatronica. For his Hungarian debut, Sematic4 and Metronóm crew are gonna complete his four wheels. ▩ ENTRY 23.00 - 24.00 2000 HUF 00.00 -☻ 2500 HUF ▩ SURPRISE LIMITED PRINT Contrary to the traditions, for this event we give a limited A4 print from the laboratory of Imre Harangozó as a gift to every super-early bird ticket.
  • Jensen Interceptor, Sematic4, Metronóm - Flyer front