Audion with Clark Warner

  • Audion (a/k/a Matthew Dear) is an electronic-music innovator, a globally recognized DJ and live performer, and the founder of acclaimed electronic dance-music label Spectral Sound (sister imprint to Ghostly International). Known both as the frontman of three-piece indie band Matthew Dear’s Big Hands and for his ever-present role of DJ and producer, Dear is a celebrated talent who has earned acclaim in all corners of international press, from Germany’s techno bible Groove to the New York Times. Dear is also a heavily-in-demand remixer, having worked with artists such as Chemical Brothers, Hot Chip, Ellen Allien, Liquid Liquid, and Dubfire. (Dear also produces for Richie Hawtin’s Minus imprint under the moniker False, and for respected minimalist label Perlon as Jabberjaw.) The one constant in Dear’s work has always been his ability to stay one step ahead, balancing the realms of art and hedonism with a gentleman’s grace. Matthew’s dark alter ego Audion first stormed the electronic-music scene in 2004, unveiling a trilogy of pulverizing singles that would ultimately re-align today’s techno sound. In 2006, Audion followed the series with the breakthrough club anthem “Mouth To Mouth,” a constantly ascending work of art that has captured the imagination of DJs and fans in all club genres worldwide. Now it’s 2009, and Audion is re-emerging with a new plan to take his project to new heights, including a load of new boundary-pushing material and a hypnotic, highly detailed live show. The Audion live experience has always been thrilling, with Dear creating new interpretations of his material on the fly. In his new live show, Dear goes even deeper into the Audion world, further differentiating it from his more song-oriented Matthew Dear material as well as from the herd of live-laptop performers cluttering the electronic-music scene. By fusing man and machine into an indistinguishable unit, Audion controls his audiences’ collective consciousness in new, never-before-seen ways. At the center of the show is a custom video setup employing the talents of Audion art director/cover designer Will Calcutt and artist Eno Henze, who has created psychedelic visuals at Frankfurt’s Cocoon club and gallery exhibitions worldwide. Audion’s live show will debut in summer 2009 at select technologically advanced festivals and clubs. These events are powerful experiments in chaos and hypnotic depth, tearing down the walls of the live electronic-music experience.
  • Audion with Clark Warner - Flyer front