Happy Flight

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    Yuichi Kishino (Out One Disc) Mark Gergis (Sublime Frequencies) Japan Blues (Ethbo) Watson (Rye Wax) Living
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  • MUSICAL FLIGHTS OF FANCY CHARTERED BY: Yuichi Kishino (OUT ONE DISC) A suitable occasion to present one of his infamous Pan-Asian Airlines sets, a tour through Asian rare groove and obscure traditional musics. In Tokyo, a lecturer on sound design in cinema, Yuichi is also distributing some of Japan's most freakish rock, pop, & electronica oddities through Out One Disc. Additionally, Yuichi is also a member of (1)Space Ponch [an Astral Synth-Pop group with music released on Jim O'Rourke's Moikai] as-well-as (2)La Veuve Moustache [a Cabaret Chanson act that can boast of once supporting cult pop-rock band Sparks]. https://soundcloud.com/lemellotron/pan-asian-airlines-kishino-yuichi-kuala-lumpen Mark Gergis (SUBLIME FREQUENCIES) AKA Porest Sound archivist, documentarian and long-time contributor to the Sublime Frequencies collective and record label. Manager of and producer for Omar Souleyman during his transition from wedding singer to global dabke representative. As Porest, Mark’s music scrutinizes the global flows of music, culture and people - while maintaining a suitably schizophrenic, flippant and humorous enthusiasm. https://www.mixcloud.com/NTSRadio/ma3azef-21st-july-2018/ Japan Blues (ETHBO) Immoderate consumer of Japanese culture both past+present, Japan Blues' monthly NTS show has for some time been a wellspring of quality music from Japan. It would seem that Howard's knowledge of his chosen niche is unmatched in These Parts and to that end he continues his work as distributor and curator and musician. Expect Howard to expose a snapshot of his far-reaching musical diorama of Japan. https://www.mixcloud.com/NTSRadio/japan-blues-27th-october-2017/ FLIGHT ATTENDANTS: - Watson https://soundcloud.com/resident-advisor/ra-live-watson-at-brilliant-corners-200817 - living https://soundcloud.com/affordableliving/fng-fever
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