Tooman Night with Quadrakey, Siggatunez, Jana Falcon

  • Tooman Records is a Berlin-based record label run by Quadrakey. Focusing on deep, gentle and charming house music, we provide a platform for upcoming talents and well respected artists from all around the world. House music with a deep passion. Vinyl & Digital. 💜 💜 💜 Quadrakey are the epitome of a quality DJ / Producer duo working in harmony. Their amazing ability to express themselves through their music has moulded them into first rate music selectors. Quadrakey are passionate, charming and armed with a powerful array of music that will mesmerise, enthral and shower love to any dancefloor. In 2015, after years of collecting records together decided to launch their label Tooman Records. Their motto and musical framework ‘House music with a deep passion’ for the label is a mirror image of what they bring to the dancefloor too. 💜 💜 💜 Siggatunez is a DJ and producer from Saxony/East Germany, currently residing in Berlin. He is the founder and owner of the Deephouse and Deep-Disco vinyl label Tieffrequent. Musically he is deeply rooted in the US-Golden Age Hip-Hop Aera of the 90's but also the „Motown“ and the East- German Funk- and Soul music. In 2005 he moved to Frankfurt where he got in contact with electronic music and the local scene. With his friend Le Rubrique he started the regular music House- and Techno Event „Sucio“ at Café KOZ which still takes place each thursday and gives a stage for new but also well known artist. There he started Djing in 2008 and evolved a passion for vinyl records and the whole record- shop-digger cosmos. In 2012 he moved to Berlin where he started his label Tieffrequent as a platform to get in contact with other artists and the local scene. 💜 💜 💜 Jana Falcon grew up in the 1990s with Euro Dance, UK Garage, 2 Step and the likes. The greater Frankfurt area was her home and became her safe harbour for many wild party nights. The famous Robert Johnson Club caught her particular attention, or in other words: she crashed there every friggin weekend for some good ol' House Music by guys like Roman Flügel or Gerd Janson. Around 2008 she wanted more and became a regular at Berlin's kingdom of House Music Madness – Panorama Bar. Her DJ sets combine eclectic UK Garage and oldschool House tunes with modern, synth-driven House tunes, as well as deep & discoid stuff. Despite her broad influences she's a DJ personality with an instantly recognizable signature sound – a thing many DJs struggle with throughout their whole career.
  • Tooman Night with Quadrakey, Siggatunez, Jana Falcon - Flyer front