Open Decks Brooklyn - Session 59

  • Welcome to the Open Decks Brooklyn Sessions! Contrary to popular belief, open decks does not mean the decks are available for anyone to hop on. You need to book a slot. Open decks means open genre, open format - all types of music welcome! The rules are simple: \\ You MUST sign up in person. \\ You MUST bring 3 friends with you the night you are booked. \\Bring your USB, needles, whatever else you need besides: 2 CDJ-2000s 1 Pioneer DJM 900 2 Technics Line Up!: 8-9: HardCandy 9-10: Le Garcon 10-11: AlliesForEveryone 11-12: Moses Daniel 12-1: DJ Giacomo Come through, bring your friends, & dance to some of NYC's best hidden muscial talents! If you are interested in a slot, please email [email protected]!
  • Open Decks Brooklyn - Session 59 - Flyer front