Lower Parts X Locked Club X Private Persons

  • Lower Parts closing party season bringing one of the most exciting acts of the last years the Russian punk duo Locked Club and Hespermen, head of Private Persons record label. Along with them Athens based Dj Problems, Ayshel & Astytekk Locked Club is the new Russian electronic punk music. A wild combination of the legacy of classic house music, new-wave acid and techno sounds and the immersion of post-Soviet dance experimentation. Born out of scruffy techno beginnings at drum-heavy basement parties, this is a serious, acid inflicted view of modern electronic music from the other side - away from the surrealism of the big room. Russian breakout duo Locked Club land ready to kick out the gritty punk. Russian hardcore rap sits alongside buzzing, steel-welding electro, EBM and scorched acid. Hespermen is a DJ & selector, successfully hiding a person with a decade of dj experience and now he, who runs the label Private Persons label, releasing a bunch of killer stuff lately. Since that first drop in 2016, Private Persons has become an essential source of techno, electro and more, with cuts from the likes of Locked Club and XAN, Voin Oruwu, Florian Kupfer, Jensen Interceptor, Assembler Code, Maelstrom, London Modular Alliance, etc.
  • Lower Parts X Locked Club X Private Persons - Flyer front