Dronica #10 // 3 Years Anniversary

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    David Toop (UK) Smallhaus (UK) / Linear Obsessional Recordings Phil Durrant & Bill Thompson (UK) Fontelo & Rick Jensen (UK) Rupert Clervaux (UK) Ayankoko (FR) / Chinabot * UK DEBUT SHOW John Hannon (UK) (Liberez) * RARE SOLO SHOW Red Hook Grain Terminal aka R.H.G.T. (UK) / Opal Tapes rkss (UK) / UIQ kNN (IT) / pseudomagica * LONDON PREMIERE FIRST LP LI YILEI (UK) Domiziano Maselli (IT) / Opal Tapes * UK DEBUT SHOW Clive Henry (UK) James Osland & Finn Kelvin (UK) / Flaming Pines
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  • Dronica #10 I 3 Years Anniversary I 3-Day Festival I 9-10-11 May 2019 I St Matthias Church I Stoke Newington I A 3-Day of sound-art program including live experimental music acts, art installations, projections, label showcases and more. A new amazing venue, St Matthias Church, Dronica's 2019 home! DAY 1, Thursday 9th May, 19:00 TO 22:30 ↓↓ David Toop (UK) Developing a practice that crosses boundaries of sound, listening, music and materials since 1970. Smallhaus (UK) / Linear Obsessional Recordings feat. Ian Faragher Layered guitar improvisations and loops, synth textures, field recordings, drones and electronic pulses. Ian Faragher is a composer, producer, guitarist and percussionist Ian Faragher. Ian is also an active part in the UK experimental music scene he’s been exploring and promoting the outer limits of music for over ten years with his Sonic imperfections concert series and radio show (Resonance FM). Phil Durrant & Bill Thompson (UK) Multi-instrumentalist improviser/composer Phil Durrant on modular, and sound artist/composer, Bill Thompson, on live electronics. Fontelo & Rick Jensen (UK) A site specific improvised ritual inspired by shamanic ritual and butoh dance which blends of Nuno Veiga's vocals and electronics, and Jensen's high processed saxophone. DAY 2, Friday 10th May, 18:30 to 22:30 ↓↓ Rupert Clervaux (UK) A musician, audio engineer and writer based between London and Mallorca. Presenting his new solo LP coming out on May 24th on Whities. Ayankoko (FR) / Chinabot * UK DEBUT SHOW Laos-born multi-instrumentalist and composer based in France, fuses jazz, sound design, traditional, noise, ambient, computer music classical with his unique take. John Hannon (UK) (Liberez) * RARE SOLO SHOW Frontman of the great ensemble Liberez will be presenting his solo show. Red Hook Grain Terminal aka R.H.G.T. (UK) / Opal Tapes feat. Ben Jeans Houghton Jordan Edge aka Red Hook Grain Terminal has broken out as an exhilarating live performer and composer with his latest release on the mighty Opal Tapes. Ben Jeans Houghton creates Improvised performances expressing aspects of his own magical practice through mantric glossolalia and spoken word, using repurposed effects pedals, loopers, gongs, ritual tools and costume. DAY 3, Saturday 11th May, 17:00 - 22:30 ↓↓ Rkss (UK) / UIQ London based artist Robin Buckley, have explored the materiality of film sound, youtube and EDM sample packs through the lens of house, ambient and computer music. Their latest 'DJ Tools' work was released on Lee Gamble's UIQ. kNN (IT) / pseudomagica * LONDON PREMIERE FIRST LP Moniker of Naples-based composer and double bass player, Renato Grieco also co-founder of experimental festival La Digestion. He just released his first LP 'Alta Moda Animale' on Rome's pseudomagica and he will be presenting this at Dronica. LI YILEI (UK) London-based conceptual artist who works in the fields of sound art and performance art. LI's works are characterised by a replete of poeticism and a minimalistic approach. Domiziano Maselli (IT) / Opal Tapes * UK DEBUT SHOW Milan-based composer and visual artist whose music musical compositions moves between electronic, samples and acoustic performances swinging between assonance and dissonance. CliveHenry (UK) Southampton-based he has been pursuing sound for over twenty years. Noise, improvisation, repetition and stasis. The finest Harsh Noise Wall. James Osland & Finn Kelvin (UK) / Flaming Pines Sound and visual artist J. Osland meets Bristol-based sound artists and guitarist, Finn Kelvin, blending drone, ambient and modern classical. Their 'Colourless' was released on Kate Carr's Flaming Pines. Art Installations: Giuseppe Abate (IT) Born in Bari and developed his poetic in Venice he’s got influences from the south to the north of Italy. He presents a site specific intervention piece / stamps on paper/ textile / taking inspiration from the space of the St. Mathias Church. Warehouse Animals (UK) Warehouse Animals is a collective of audio and visual artists who work collaboratively to create dynamic live visuals for events, festivals and happenings across the UK and Europe. Riccardo Banfi (IT) Milan-born writer, photographer and visual artist Riccardo Banfi presents a video projections called 'Clubnight'. Martin Harrison (UK) Martin Harrison is a visual artist living and working in South London. MORE TBA Label showcases: Linear Obsessional Recordings pseudomagica Chinabot Artwork by pseudomagica. p - r - o - g - r - a - m - m - e DAY 1 Welcoming the experimental pioneer David Toop who's going to share the Altar with such other great musician like Smallhaus, Phil Durrant & Bill Thompson, Fontelo & Rick Jensen. DAY 2 Percussionist and composer Rupert Clervaux presenting his new LP coming out at the end of April. The frontman of Liberez, John Hannon will be performing in one of his first rare solo shows in line with Liberez style. London-based RHGT from Opal Tapes and Ayankoto from the mighty Chinabot, will be delivering some cutting edge electronic music. DAY 3 Last of the three days festival, Day 3, will be showing some amazing acts such as Rkss from UIQ's Lee Gamble; https://www.facebook.com/DronicaFestival/ Experimental sound-art festival in East London. Edition Tenth will celebrate its three years anniversary with a three day of sound-art in a new amazing venue, St Matthias Church in Stoke Newington.
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