Hoodoo Voodoo Jungle Boogie Night

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    Fanny Divine Miss Miranda Caged Go Go girls
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  • Be transported to the exotic Hoodoo Voodoo Jungle! where billowing jungle mists surround you while you shake to Exotic beats & shrieks! Watch as The Witch Doctor drags on stage the wild native women of the jungle to perform for the Voodoo Gods with their wild & beastly Burlesque! Taunt the captured cannibal girls forced to dance in our giant bamboo cages! Later in evening you will have your chance to become a native of the Voodoo jungle where the most aptly attired will become ruler on our skeletal throne! And to celebrate, dance under the witch doctors limbo stick! Jerk, wobble & vibrate as 2 cavegirls & a gorilla play primitive R'n'R, garage punk, rockabilly, stone age novelties, bird calls & big cat roars! DRESS FOR THE VOODOO JUNGLE IF YOU DARE! Tarzan & Jane, spiderwomen, spirit of jazz, cauldrons, skulls, bones, bodypaint, slave girls, witch doctors, voodoo priest/priestess, eyeballs, dismembered hands, snake men, drums, crowns, bamboo, leopard print, cave men, amazonians, Indiana Jones, Wilhemina Scott, African masks, horns, tooth necklaces, fire, potions, spells, grass skirts, spider webs, feathers, horns
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