Saturnalia 2019

  • Almost certainly one of the most special and inspiring festivals you'll attend all year.
  • ♄ Saturnalia lives. Five years on, the festival’s exponential growth in terms of lineup, audience and relevance hasn’t tampered the free, uncompromising attitude that has fueled its fire since day one. Macao is still standing, its living force being the relentless community that lives and moves through its walls. But those walls were never intended as borders: our space is a welcoming one, an inclusive laboratory for change, creation, encounter, subversion. Through those walls, difference can be freely and safely articulated, in spite of social norms and authoritarian repression. Saturnalia is the primary occasion during which, every year, we state the scope of this approach, aiming at it becoming infectious, viral. As always, we will let the music speak by deploying a mix of different approaches, moods and cultures, allowing everyone to migrate within the music itself and mold it into a personalized, yet shared experience. Every year we try and shape the festival into what we’d like the world to be, as we try and shape social interaction into a radical emancipatory force. Something the wider political scenario renders more and more urgent with each passing moment. Nonetheless, the collective energy that feeds the festival stays intact, its DIY ethos being the only possible strategy to seize our time. ♄ Entrance: Thursday - 5€ Friday - 10€ Saturday - 10€
  • Saturnalia 2019 - Flyer front
    Saturnalia 2019 - Flyer back