Underhill European Music Festival

  • Venue
    Private Airfield "Urochyshe Pidhirya", Pidhirya, Ivano-Frankivsk Region
    • Private airfield "Urochishe Pidhirya", Pidhirya, IF 77706, Ukraine
  • Date
    15 Jun 2019
    Sat 15:00 - Mon 05:00
  • Attending
    • 1
  • This Musical festival will unite different trends of modern and pop-music, musicians both from Ukraine and Europe. In the village Pidgiria, Ivano-Frankivska oblast, at the beginning of the summertime you will be able to enjoy musical drive 24\7, since that during 15-16th June in the non-stop regime, day and night, will be open and working 3 stages: Main stage, UnderNight and Underground. This year the festival will be entertaining you with new interesting surprises. Also there are enjoyable bonuses, such as the ability to attend festival for free, are waiting for you, since the bravest, which get to the territory of the festival from the sky, will be allowed to stay on this grand music party. Aircraft show, skydivers and a lot of cool music are awaiting for you. Your eyes and ears will be pleased by the talents of such singers like: Ola Polakova, MOZGI, Ivan Navi, Druga Rika, BoomBox, DziDZIO, SKAI, Arsen Mirzoyan, MamaRika and others. The rhythms of modern, in particular electronic music, on the stage will be set not only by Ukrainian musicians like O. Official, YUKO, ARTBAT, but there will be also European musicians. Namely: two djs from the Grate Britain (James Zabiela and DJ Aphrodite), musical producer from Netherlands (Ferry Corsten), and musician from Israel (Nadav Dagon). And all of it is a live sound! In order to have enough space for all of those people, who are willing to join the party, we set 3 big dance floors. In addition there will be lounge-zones located all over the territory, where it will be possible for you to rest in very comfy armchairs and treat yourself with the tasty food. For creative people we prepared art-zones with paintings of famous artists and with architectural works, and movies-fans will have opportunity to join film screening. Underhill music festival is an amazing and exciting event that unite countries with music, it is an event that could be a great beginning of your summer!
  • Underhill European Music Festival - Flyer front
    Underhill European Music Festival - Flyer back