Washing Machine

  • Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a test, were taking it higher again. After countless clubs and venues during the past decade(s) were taking the mighty Washing Machine to the Zentrum for Kunst and Urbanistik in Moabit. ZK/U provides exactly what we want for this years „dance into may“: A wonderful crew, a terrace and a garden with a magnificent view and plenty of space to hang out in the sun and listen to dubby tunes from the soundsystem. We going to start in the afternoon with a superb BBQ and massive Djs taking us on a sunblazed journey into sounds from all around. Later that evening were going to move the experience downstairs to the basement. Djs will fire up some real heavyweight house rockets from old to new from wicked to singalong. There is goin to be heavy basslines, a vibe thing based on the magic question: Can you feel it? Dub me right! At midnight were gonna go for another yearly tradition: Were gonna open some bubbly bottles because its a birthday and its gonna be a blast off into the night. More Djs, more bass, more beats and an anthem here and there. Later the liveact will appear on stage and we guarantee, its a real live act with real drum machines and samplers and echo and even more bass then before. This night is all about coming togethere and celebrating the rhythm that makes you want to move and that vibe which occurs out of nowhere, that magic moment when the music, the dancers and everybody on site create that organism we call „a party“.
  • Washing Machine - Flyer front