Prismatic 4 Year Anniversary feat Colette

  • Venue
    • 540 Howard St., San Francisco, CA 94105, United States
  • Date
    Fri, 6 Nov 200910:00pm - 3:00am
  • Attending
    • 1
  • Upstairs: Colette (Los Angeles) Andrew Phelan (Prismatic) George Cochrane (Prismatic) Prescription Records Lounge: Trinidadian Deep + Friends Catacombs: Tone (Temple) DJ Von ( No cover before midnight with list signup, $10 after. To get on email names to: *** [email protected] *** Or visit: *** *** About Colette: With her disarming doe eyes and a heartwarming demeanor, Colette possesses the unmistakable voice of post-millennial house music. Her sweet-but-sultry voice has been called “angelic” so many times, it’s a miracle she hasn’t grown wings: Imagine a less breathy Kylie Minogue merged with a more controlled Roisin Murphy (Moloko) and you have a good grasp on her classy voice that highlights any beat that flows behind it. Whereas in the late 80s, the diva reigned supreme and made the music cower, Colette has kept it deliciously simple and always melodic, making the former choirgirl-cum-Chicago-house-siren a mainstay of modern dance music. About Prismatic: Founded in 2005, Prismatic Tracks is run out of San Francisco’s famed Moulton Studios complex by DJ and producer Andrew Phelan. The label is focused on a blend of deep, funk, and tech based house music, driven by the sounds of musicians and vocalists such as Origami, Audio Angel and Brown. Prismatic’s roster features some of the premier names in house music, including Bryan Jones, Chris Lum, Christian Malloni, George Cochrane, Jake Childs, Luke Solomon, Q-Burns Abstract Message, Ross Couch, Santiago & Bushido, and Scope. Locally in San Francisco, the Prismatic brand is renowned as an event production company that has produced events at local hot spots such as Mezzanine, Vessel, Mighty, Harlot, DNA Lounge and Supperclub, including flagship parties Alpha Beats and Tonal. For more information please visit Posted by Amplify Promotions Online Promotions Service info @
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