Tonrec Events feat Boris Brejcha

  • Born in 1981, Boris Brejcha started his musical education in his childhood. He was educate playing drums and keyboard which had been a perfect schooling for the follwing chapter - producing and performing electronic dance music. Boris Brejcha began producing and dj-ing in november 2006 and with his first online MP3 debut -Monster EP- and the following EP named -Yellow Kitchen-, Boris Brejcha reached on many download platforms place 1 and became the new techno shooting star playing gigs not only in his home country germany. And so, Boris Brejcha was called -special talent of the year 2007- in the magazine He inaugurates a new era in -high tech minimalism-. After the successful story on Autist Records, Boris Brejcha reached Harthouse Mannheim at the beginning of 2007 with the digital releases -Outer Space-, -White Snake-, -Die Maschinen sind gestrandet- and -Die Milchstraße-. Short time later the first longplayer named -Die Maschinen kontrollieren uns- reached the stores and became a big success for this fresh artist. The future was focused on this album. A chain of surprises, known elements of electronic dance music and some attractive ingredients from the laboratory of Boris Brejcha. After this Debut CD on Harthouse, Boris Brejcha was getting more and more popular, as well as a remixer, and short time later his first Vinyl Maxi -Who Is Your Man- was published on Harthouse. From now on Brejcha did Remixes for Alex Flatner, Maskio, Zoo Brazil or Stanny Franssen (just to name a few), he licensed tracks for a couple of compilations and you will find his tracks in a lot of famous DJ-playlists. In the middle of 2008 Boris Brejcha released his second album -Mein Wahres Ich- on Harthouse. Also with concesions to brazil and japan. The beginning for a big presentation around the world. His sense of humor resonates in his resonates as well as his predilection for unconventional parts. Continuously avoiding conventional sounds, guitars and conventional instruments he always concerned with research into elements which one had never heard before. So keep an eye for this surprising and upcoming artist! Discography: Releases: Monster EP (File, MP3, EP) Autist 2006 Yellow Kitchen EP (File, MP3, EP) Autist 2006 Die Maschinen Kontrollieren Uns (Album) ? (2 versions) Harthouse Mannheim ... 2007 Die Maschinen Sind Gestrandet (File, MP3, Album) Harthouse Digital 2007 Die Milchstrasse (File, MP3) Harthouse Digital 2007 Fireworker (Remixes) (File, MP3, 320) Autist 2007 Monster In The Box (Remixes) (File, MP3, 320) Autist 2007 Outer Space (File, MP3) Harthouse Digital 2007 White Snake (File, MP3) Harthouse Digital 2007 Who Is Your Man (12") Harthouse Mannheim 2007 Aquilah (File, MP3) Harthouse Digital 2008 Collected Remixes (File, MP3, 320) Autist 2008 Fruhe Autisten-Revisited (File, MP3) Autist 2008 Lost Memory (File, MP3) Harthouse Digital 2008 Mein Wahres Ich (Album) ? (2 versions) Harthouse Mannheim 2008 Mirror Of The Future (CD, Comp, Mixed) Harthouse Mannheim 2008 Joystick (File, MP3) Harthouse Digital 2009 Remixes: Ich Bin Deine Freundin (File, MP3) Arturia (Boris Brejcha... Autist 2006 Arturia (File, MP3, 320) Arturia (Boris Brejcha... Autist 2007 Cluster (File, MP3) Black Isn't Everything... Harthouse Digital 2007 Dancing In Dark Rooms (CDr, Single) Dancing In Dark Rooms ... BozBoz 2007 Doppel-Moppel (File, MP3, 320) Neonshit (Boris Brejch... Autist 2007 Human Jungle (12") Human Jungle (Boris Br... Hell Yeah Recordings 2007 Kleines ABC (File, MP3, 320) Auf Reisen (Boris Brej... Autist 2007 Playane EP (File, MP3, EP, 320) Neonshit (Boris Brejch... Autist 2007 Stars In Your Eyes (Remixes) (12") Stars In Your Eyes (Bo... Harthouse Mannheim 2007 Talking Mode (File, MP3) Talking Mode (Boris Br... Autist 2007 Compilation Black (File, MP3, Comp, 320) Open The Watergate (Bo... Autist 2008 Compilation Blue (File, MP3, Comp, 320) Die Maschinen Kontroli... Autist 2008 Compilation Red (File, MP3, 320) Talking Mode (Boris Br... Autist 2008 Freak Show - Volume 2 (File, MP3, 320) Die Maschinen Kontroll... Autist 2008 Mechanic Side Of Nature (CD, Comp, Mixed) Perfect Circles (Boris... Circle Music 2008 Minimalesk (File, MP3) Minimalesk (Boris Brej... Cyborg Crew Records 2008 Neutra Session (File, MP3) Human Jungle (Boris Br... Hell Yeah Recordings 2008 Sao Paulo (File, MP3, 320) Marche (Boris Brejcha ... Autist 2008 Subantrieb 003 (File, MP3, 320) Die Maschinen Kontroll... Autist 2008 Minimal Set #1 (CD, Comp, Unm) Human Jungle (Boris Br... Atlantis Records (Italy) Appears On: Du Bist Da (12", Maxi) Young, Wild & Fuckin Crazy Germany 2007 Schneewittchen EP (File, MP3, EP) Autist 2007 Schwarzes Gold Remixed (File, MP3, 192) Autist 2007 Three Colours (12") Regular 2007 Kaffana Je Moja Sudbina EP (12", EP) Kaffana (Boris Brejcha... Jesus Loved You 2008 Spectrum EP (12", EP) Love Or Hate (Boris Br... Plusminus Recordings 2008 Tracks Appear On: Ich Bin Deine Freundin (File, MP3) Openminded (Original Mix) Autist 2006 Neonhit Compilation (File, MP3, 192) Monster In The Box, Bl... Autist 2006 Network Infiltration (File, MP3) Die Maschinen Sind Ges... Harthouse Digital 2006 Preview (File, MP3, 320) Refresh V Autist 2006 Active Agent (Comp) ? (2 versions) Arche Noah Harthouse Mannheim 2007 Clubtech Panorama (CD, Comp, Mixed) Die Maschinen Sind Ges... Thorntree Records 2007 Doppel-Moppel (File, MP3, 320) Monster In The Box (Ph... Autist 2007 Electronic Essence #01 (File, MP3) Internal Pressure Creep Tronic Soundz 2007 Freak Show (File, MP3, 320) Electribe Technologie Autist 2007 I Love Berlin Vol.1 (File, MP3, 192) Blumenbeet Autist 2007 I Love Berlin Vol.4 (File, MP3, 320) CC Tec Autist 2007 Minimal Attitude Vol. 1 (File, MP3, Comp) Lothingin, White Snake Tronic Soundz 2007 Minimal Attitude Vol. 2 (File, MP3) Die Lustgrotte Tronic Soundz 2007 Minimal Spezial (CD, Mixed, Comp) Die Maschinen Sind Ges... OXA 2007 Sommer Sonne Strand (File, MP3, 320) Refresh V Autist 2007 The Dark Side (File, MP3) Black And White Harthouse Digital 2007 Thinking Out Loud Asia Presents Circle (Comp) ? (2 versions) Arche Noah Diamond Records (6) ... 2007 This Is Techhouse 3 (File, MP3, Comp) Cypress Tronic Soundz 2007 City House: Night Train To St. Petersburg (CD, Mixed, Dig) Outer Space, Wir Leben World Club Music 2008 City House: Road To New York (CD, Mixed, Dig) Outer Space, Verstaubt... World Club Music 2008 Compilation Red (File, MP3, 320) Fireworker (Phase's Gl... Autist 2008 Into The Night (New York) (File, MP3) Pfefferbad Tronic Soundz 2008 Mantra Vibes Presents Shakadelic Upgrade Vol.2 (CD, Mixed) Die Maschinen Sind Ges... KSR 2008 Micromix 157 (File, MP3, Mixed) The Mask Micromix 2008 Minimal Only (CD) Soundrecorder Streetlight 2008 This Is Techhouse 5 (File, MP3, Comp) Lost Memory Tronic Soundz 2008
  • Tonrec Events feat Boris Brejcha - Flyer front