Riffraff presents Mint Friday

  • What better way to celebrate Jesus the Lord of the Dance sacrificing himself for all of our sins by not letting his death be in vane and sin mercilessly at our next riffraff gathering…. What a guy! We have made a few changes to the venue this month, but the same madness will be going on to kickstart your Easter weekend. Remember that the last two events have sold out and this one is likely to do the same, please get in touch for tickets ASAP Line up: Lee THE PASSION Pennington Sahar the CENTURION PONTIOUS Pulse RESURECTION Roxby & BARTHOLOMEW Bonz Paul BARRABAS Bowen The Distinction DISCIPLES Tom JERUSALEM Joynes Curtis GOLGOTHA Graham Dave DYSMAS Little Jimmy JUDAS Gilbert ROMAN Rendevous Will CYRENE Smith Chris CRUCIFIXION Patton Dave BLASPHEMY Blackburn Ste CROWN OF THORNS Croce
  • Riffraff presents Mint Friday - Flyer front
    Riffraff presents Mint Friday - Flyer back