Operate: 2-Step, UK-Garage & Breakbeat

  • Ben Mono & TMSN proudly present: OPERATE in a new venue. !*** Griessmuehle ***! Don't miss this premiere and join a whole night of UKG and 2-Step beats in our favorite basement right in Neukölln. We are seriously looking forward to hang and play on April 25th at Berlin's only UK-Garage night. From now on sub frequencies will be heard even better than before. Ben & TMSN p.s. Send us a message at [email protected] to request your discount link. "After more than three years at Farbfernseher, Operate is moving to a new location. We are happy to announce that we will host our event, dedicated to UK-Garage, 2-Step and Breakbeats at Griessmühle every second month. That also means we have a bigger soundsystem now. The last parties at Farbfernseher where really crowded and unfortunately some of you could not get in. Also, very importantly we have more space too."
  • Operate: 2-Step, UK-Garage & Breakbeat - Flyer front