Bang Bang present Louis La Roche

  • Venue
    • 55 London Road; Southampton; SO15 2AD; United Kingdom
  • Date
    Tue, 13 Oct 200923:00pm - 04:00am
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  • Bang Bang goes all disco for this mid November edition as we welcome the one of the youngest producers of the moment Louis La Roche the same guy behind infamous hit record "Sunshine Hotel" as championed by Zane Lowe, Annie Mac, Jaymo & Andy George and the amazing remix of “Raindrops” which has been featured on Pete Tong’s essential selection as well as finding its way into the CD wallets of many dance DJs across the globe. Despite only being born in 1990, it was this decade of the dance scene which inspired Louis to create rather than simply listen. He cites The Bucketheads’ ‘The Bomb’ as one of his favourite tracks from the era, and his love for the decade has transferred into his own music. “I make music in the same way it was made in the nineties,” he says. “I don’t like the crisp sound of modern house music. I like a little bit of grit and a little bit of something not quite perfect in the tracks.” We like a little bit of grit and rawness too so we’ve also got our dynamic duo Mr. Noisy & bitR8 on the case and they’ll be bringing their usual party mash ups to the dance floor to keep you body grooving all night. Get ready to dance as Bang Bang will be brings you a night of disco sounds and tough bass lines to keep you jacking all night long.