Zombie Soundsystem presents Mathew Jonson

  • ZOMBIE SOUNDSYSTEM presents... MATHEW JONSON live (Wagon Repair) "Canada's own Mathew Jonson has built a solid reputation over the past few years through his participation in the Modern Deep Left Quartet, Cobblestone Jazz and by various productions under his own name. His forays into Jazz, house, fusion, techno and other electronic based music reference a youth filled with musical creativity and ingenue." We rather pleased to have Mathew back again for another live performance. After smashing it at Zombies in February & more recently his much talked about set at Fabric's 10th Birthday - we for one can not wait for him to bring his uniquie sound to the intimate arches of London newest venue... Cable. We support from zombie residents... Shane Watcha Clint Lee Nobody Also pleased to have KETOLOCO & FERVOR DJs back after smashing it at our halloween event. We have set up a limited number of £8 "half priced" tickets for all RA members. AS ALWAYS ALL ROADS LEAD TO JADEDZOMBIES FOR THE AFTERPARTY FROM 6AM @ GHOST
  • Zombie Soundsystem presents Mathew Jonson - Flyer front
    Zombie Soundsystem presents Mathew Jonson - Flyer back