Krush invites Jon Cutler

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    Jon Cutler (Distant, New York - USA) JENSEN (Decadance) YA'MO (Krush)
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  • The second "Krush Invites" night with the first international guest dj on this new monthly concept at Ostend's only houseclub. People who were here with Copyright and Dennis Ferrer will already understand the connection with true house music at our club. We invited legendary house dj JON CUTLER (Distant, USA) from New York City to join Jensen and Ya'Mo. In 2001, he produced the track "It's Yours" (featuring E-Man) for Chez Music, which hit dance charts all over the world and still is one of the main classic house anthems ever made! Early birds are cool birds because Jon is playing from 00h onwards!
  • Krush invites Jon Cutler - Flyer front