Todd Terje & Bullion at Mr Cook's Unorthodox

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    Todd Terje (Full Puup) Bullion (One handed music) DJ Strangefruit (Mungolian Jetset) Michael Cook (Low Life) Frank Broughton (Low Life) Bruce Tantum (East Village Radio NYC) Rob J (Dropout Boogie/Main Stem)
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  • Mr Cook's Unorthodox returns for its second monthly installment, this time presenting AFTER LIFE. A post Halloween LOW LIFE carry on for the 7th day Adventurist. As ever the music policy will be a soothing departure from the ubiquitous House and Disco featuring Folk, Rock, Indie, Soul, Jazz and anything else quirky and uncategorizable we feel like throwing into the mix. Entry is free there will also be a free Barbeque (whatever the weather) from about 4 - 8pm Stag's Head 55 Orsman Rd N1 5RA Just off Dalston Kingsland Rd by the canal Buses 67, 149, 242, 243, 394
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