Halloween Dive: Dag

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    DAG (Frankfurt/ Main) DJ Taucher (Adult Music, Bischofsheim) SECRET (4WARD UK) MAYHEM ACHIM (Vulcano/ Dance Needs Sound) Danjo (2RAUM) RAY WODA (Housegrooves) PATRICK NAVANO (Vulcano) Erbgut (House Invention)
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  • It was once a monastery. Surrounded by impenetrable forests and thick fog here once a sworn in municipality of electronic music lovers met, in order to lend expression of its passion with loud shouting and ecstatic dance a long, long time ago. While then one wrote the year 2007 and the Partydiver met another time after their legendary “Tauchfahrt” for their so-called “Halloween Dive”, today they feel so much at home at the Sky Club in Mannheim that they deliver ideas and thoughts of their start time in their outstanding cult place a second time. Besides DJ Taucher, the Partydiver of the very first hour, Frankfurt legend DJ Dag also returns to his monumental homebase, in order to dive from the here and now to the realm of the underworld and drive bad spirit out in the eerie night. On a way scattered of dark melodies, burning beats and hammering rhythms innumerable creatures collect themselves as followers - decided to accompany all-last step of their mythical journey. In addition Mayhem Achim, Danjo, Ray Woda, Erbgut and Patrick Navano - an explosive mixture of fresh newcomers as well as experienced local heroes-, who are all presented by VULCANO, finally ignites a further regional volcano in the foundations of the tower, in order to heat the wild dance with its infernal fire all the more.
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