CSD Reclaim: Room 4 Resistance x Lecken x Mina

  • Three key queer parties join forces on Pride weekend for a 24-hour extravaganza featuring the likes of Deena Abdelwahed, S Ruston and Violet.
  • ... 50 years since the Stonewall Riots, when trans people of color, queens and sex workers spearheaded the fight against police brutality and the erasure of sexual dissidents... ... 100 years since the inauguration of Magnus Hirschfeld's Institut für Sexualwissenschaften, the first organization to stand up for gay and trans rights in Germany… … and yet these are only 2 moments in a long and rhizomatic history of bashing back against the persecution and prosecution of same-sex loving and gender non-conforming people — erotophobia always a sure sign of the right-wing counter-revolution rearing its ugly head. But we are not done marching yet.... Dyke March... Fag March... Trans March... Queer March... QPOC March... Sex Worker March... Kink March… Crip March... Mad March... Junkie March... Intersectional March... Insubordinate March... We advance through the decades with pride and power. From the "gay" as celebration to the "queer" of fuck-you, our histories are weaved of countless acts of resistant affirmation and joyful militancy. This shall be no different this year! We want to queer Pride™ with you! After walking the Dyke March on Friday afternoon [26.7], our 3 queer-feminist collectives will be throwing a *24h* queer celebration to multiply the senses and strengthen the ties that bind us. We hope to recharge, degenerate and simply bliss out with you in the ballroom, the bunker or the lush garden of Polygon! Abendkasse: €15 Daytime Garden Pass (from 10AM): €10 Donations and part of the proceeds will be gathered for Trans*sexworks — in their own words: “a peer to peer support structure and a network for and made up for Trans*sex workers” [transsexworks.com No one will be turned away for lack of funds! Get in touch with us at [email protected] to find out more. This is an inclusive and intersectional space for gender and sexual liberation, a temporary zone for suspension. We gather round the dance floor to let loose and transcend the normcore, which does not mean we can or have to fully abandon our vulnerabilities. A perfect safe space does not exist, but we are a community of people who look out for one another and understand that pleasure and freedom are collectively produced resources. Our awareness team will be on call to help and listen! In loving solidarity, your Room 4 Resistance, mina and Lecken crews xxxx https://room4resistance.net/ http://www.minasuspension.com/ https://lecken.berlin/
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  • CSD Reclaim: Room 4 Resistance x Lecken x Mina - Flyer front