Taechno with Marcus L & Damie (Faust,Ameniia, KR)

  • The two guests have travelled far from the famous Faust Club, where they are residents, located in the heart of Itaewon, Seoul, Korea. The club itself is an intimate two-room club hosting top international DJs as well as the best of the local Korean scene and it was built both for the true lovers of the underground scene as well as for those who are seeking a richer, deeper musical and nightlife experience. We are truly glad to welcome Marcus L and Damie in Hungary for the first time. We are sure, that they will deliver something exciting, something fresh, from the other side of the world. They both have releases on their own Ameniia record label, that showcases, in their own words, ‘slow, cautious and meaningful music’ to the dance floors all over the world. Definitely a night to remember! The local support will be Monolit https://soundcloud.com/ameniia ---- IMPORTANT ---- Purchase pre-sale tickets and skip the line! There are two different entry points/queues at the Gozsdu passage, PLEASE USE THE AETHER ENTRANCE/LINE to get the valid wristband to the club! Age limit is 18+ Entry: Presale and before 24:00 - 2000HUF / 7EUR After 24:00 - 3000HUF / 10EUR
  • Taechno with Marcus L & Damie (Faust,Ameniia, KR) - Flyer front