Warm Up To Date Festival X Łomża Jasne Pełne: Wrocław

  • We’re heading to Wroclaw to thank the local public for supporting our festival through the years. It is a proper warm up of the Up To Date Festival 10th edition in Białystok. We’re packing up our big truck full of UTDF scenography, installations, merch. Programme: Daytime Dancing, Pierwszy Wrocławski Salon Ambientu, Nighttime party inc. Beats and Pozdro Techno stages, Installations “Send a postcard to your Grandma” campaign. It is all possible thanks to our superpartner: Łomża Jasne Pełne. About the festival: Up To Date Festival takes place every year in Bialystok, in the heart of north-eastern Poland. The mission of the Festival is to present various genres of electronic and bass music, stretching from ambitious rap, through techno and ambient to modern classical. UTDF is created by local music activists who are annually making an enormous effort to make the site an art space itself. Hidden from the hustle and bustle of big cities, the site of Up To Date Festival is simply unique and rather exceptional. The heart of the north-eastern Poland which is notable for its unchanged, placid landscapes, wilderness and deep forests every year transforms into the electronic music mecca. It attracts up to 8000 attendees during the weekend, gathered in the modern surroundings of Bialystok’s magnificent Opera House, Branicki Palace and the unusual space at City Stadium’s car parks.
  • Warm Up To Date Festival X Łomża Jasne Pełne: Wrocław - Flyer front