Galaxie presents Bronze, Justin Miller, Jacques Renault Plus Afterhours

  • AQUARIUS RECORDS SAYS :: "Can't think of a Bay Area band at the moment that's been so consistently capable of blowing us away live more than Bronze. Something so damn refreshing and exhilarating about their approach to rhythmic psychedelic post-punk, a sound overflowing with dizzying synths and syncopated rhythms that totally transport us to another dimension. So psyched we were finally able to get our hands on this, their debut recording. A beautifully packaged clear 10" with a bronze tinted embossed cover (there is a crazy limited edition version with an actual bronze cover! that we might get in at some point, but don't hold your breath!) but the classy packaging is just icing on the cake as it's the two wonderful songs in these grooves that dazzle and delight. The sounds of underground luminaries like Silver Apples, Public Image Ltd., Suicide, and Throbbing Gristle are the launching point for Bronze's mind melting excursions into swirling and sizzling sonic mystery and melody, but they really do take those influences and craft a sound all their own. Not to be missed live, Bronze's stage presence and delivery are so damn action packed and captivating, and this debut recording offers a really nice glimpse of that fiery disposition. This is a band that truly deserves to get some world wide attention. So damn good!" Couldn't have said it better! This show is a must. Bronze will be followed by a cosmic disco danceparty excursion by DFA's Justin Miller & Jacques Renault!! ALSO in tow will be Rekids, Bar25, Tigerbeat6's C.L.A.W.S. for an afterhours DJ set from 4-6am (or later!)... (CLAWS is one-half the vampiric minimal techno duo, War VS Sleep on Rekids and Berlin's Bar25 label.) NOVEMBER 7th 2009 Galaxie presents the psych/synth/kraut sounds of.... BRONZE (San Francisco) live! Plus DJ danceparty featuring Justin Miller (DFA) and Jacques Renault (Runaway, DFA) Late night DJ set by CLAWS (Tigerbeat6, Rekids, Bar25) Visuals by Alison Childs (Galaxie, Andromeda) Cheap drinks - Full Bar - All night danceparty til morning! xoxo - Galaxie
  • Galaxie presents Bronze, Justin Miller, Jacques Renault Plus Afterhours - Flyer front
    Galaxie presents Bronze, Justin Miller, Jacques Renault Plus Afterhours - Flyer back