Khidi x HEX Off Week (12 Hours) at The Garage of The Bass Valley

  • You haven't experienced techno until you've experienced Stanislav Tolkachev.
  • █ Khidi x HEX Off Week (12 hours) at The Garage of The Bass Valley █ Saturday July 20th, 2019 in Barcelona ═══════════════════ One of the most influential clubs in the current Techno scene joins forces with HEX. Khidi, located in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, attracts thousands of ravers every weekend into its club, having turned it into a true institution in its home town and much further outside of it, hosting the best talents the industry has to offer. During 12 hours, some of KHIDI's best residents will play along with the HEX residents, for a no mercy rave until Sunday noon. ═══════════════════ Boston 168 This Italian duo owns a very particular sound, made up of warm, trance-inducing Acid sounds. They already demonstrated their unique talent at HEX at RZZ two years ago so let's see what they have in store with their live set for this 12 hour event along with some of Khidi's residents. Phase Fatale Over the past four years, Hayden Payne, originally from New York, has earned a reputation as a Techno innovator, both for the broad spectrum of dystopian electronics included in DJ sets as well as his deep understanding of synthesis and sound design in his own productions. Having previously released on labels such as Jealous God, Phase Fatale made his Unterton debut. Since then, he has settled into residencies at both Berghain in Berlin and Khidi in Tbilisi, and kicked off his own label BITE with a collaborative EP between himself and Silent Servant. In 2018, he made his first release on Berghain's in-house label Ostgut Ton, so we can't wait to welcome Hayden for the first time at HEX. Stanislav Tolkachev The Ukranian has formed his own sound over the years and is now widely recognised as one of the most talented artists in the circuit. Stanislav Tolkachev lands at HEX for the first time ever with his mix of raw, off-beat Techno which many have tried to copy. Lorenzo Raganzini One half of HEX, Lorenzo will represent the fastest and raviest shade of the HEX sound. Co-founder of the movement, he has always been pushing each event to the limit, proposing a mixture of Techno with Acid, Trance and EBM touches. PØLI Second co-founder of HEX, the Italian artist PØLI will offer his unique style, made of a blend of emotional and hard tones, bringing the whole club into an endless journey. OTHR Resident artist of Khidi and very well known artist of Tbilisi, OTHR will complete this strong lineup. ═══════════════════ ◢ Visuals: Acid Thermal See you in the darkness. ═══════════════════ Join our Community: █ ═══════════════════
  • Khidi x HEX Off Week (12 Hours) at The Garage of The Bass Valley - Flyer front
    Khidi x HEX Off Week (12 Hours) at The Garage of The Bass Valley - Flyer back