Sunset Campout - 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

  • Sunset Campout harks back to the Bay Area's renegade outdoor party community, but the tight-knit gathering mixes tradition with up-to-the-minute booking. This year, Lena Willikens, Octo Octa and Marie Davidson join the Sunset staples on the lazy river.
  • Sunset Campout // 10 Year Anniversary // A Dionysus Jubilee Sunset Campout 2019 returns to our home in Belden Town - California for a celebration life, music, and community. Many amenities exist at the event. We are in a quaint location so pack minimally and respect your neighbors and the property. ****************************************************** Belden Town, California | July 26, 27, 28, 29 Music - Art - Camping - Swimming Tickets On Sale! General Weekend Pass - Tier I - $200 General Weekend Pass - Tier II - $225 Early Arrival Pass - $75 (Thursday Arrival, 12pm-12am) On-Site Parking Pass - $170 (extremely limited) Single Driver (non-carpool)Vehicle Fee - $25 (Motorcycles Excluded) Kids 12 and under are Free ****************************************************** SUNSET CAMPOUT WEBSITE: This is your place to find all your Arrival, Departure, Camping, Music, Art, Workshops, Amenities, and Location! Updates are happening every week! VOLUNTEER INFO: We are looking for excited, reliable and fun-loving people to join us in making this year's campout the best one yet! Please fill out our volunteer application here: KIDS TOWN: Kids Town will be back with a wide array of activities every day. We also have a designated family camp zone. If you were on the fence because of your little ones just bring them along for fun all around. PARKING REMINDER: **General Parking is included*. – We are using the same system as the last few years that worked very well. Everyone will be able to drive on-site to Belden for check-in and drop off. Only 1 driver will move vehicle to off-site parking for shuttle back to Belden. – General parking is located 9 miles away in Twain, with a free courtesy shuttle to back to the Sunset Campout entrance. (*To encourage carpooling there will be a vehicle fee of $25 for those traveling solo *motorcycles excluded) COOKING & PROPANE STOVES: Due to dry forest conditions during Summer you must have a campfire permit for your propane stove! No open flames allowed. No BBQs. The US Forestry service will be inspecting. It's free & very easy! Fill out form, print, have it at your camp site at all times. Link is here: ****************************************************** 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY THEME: DIONYSIAN JUBILEE Every year we reunite, at the heart of the Feather River Canyon, to attune with the elements and elevate into a transcendent state where we conspire to artistically express some of the most ancient instinctual parts of ourselves. Through space and time, Sunset Campout has come to serve as a radical wonderland and reunion for our community’s creative self-expression. We envision, create, design and build an exuberant festival for exploration, connection, love and acceptance. This year, we reach 10-years of Sunset Campout in Belden Town. When we reflect upon the nostalgia of our grassroots beginnings, ponder our evolution, and remain open to the vision of our future, it brings us to an awareness of what Sunset Campout evokes in us and how its has served us all these years. We see how it has inspired our inner Dionysus, a subconscious energy fused with the ancients, nature, instinct, and emotion. It symbolizes the need for people to take off their masks, synchronize with their authentic self and return to the basic nature of a free, unfettered spirit raving in the wilderness. It’s the symbolism of our reminiscent playfulness that inspires us with our theme for 2019 - Dionysian Jubilee. A dionysiac celebration of the conscious and subconscious creative expression of our soul family over the last decade in Belden. In the same vein as our Dionysian theme, the theme is not meant to be a literal guide. Its intention is purely to trigger an abstract mental imagery or feeling one can draw upon for inspiration that will connect us all for our amazing 10-year milestone celebration in the woods.
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