Patchwork Night with Sassy J & Dego

  • Sassy J brings her Patchwork party to the suitably vibey Giant Steps. Joining her is local hero Dego, a perfect choice for her soulful celebration.
  • At the heart of Sassy J's Patchwork party is soul. That applies to the music, which is soulful in the broadest sense of the word, but to the crowd, too. Since she started it in Bern back in 2005, Patchwork has united different musical universes, dynamics and people—to Sassy J, it's all about "connecting the dots and sewing it all together." And when she brought Patchwork to London in 2018, it immediately connected with the city's like-minded music heads. The next Patchwork night, on April 13th, will take place at Giant Steps. It's a natural fit for Giant Steps' relaxed vibe and gorgeous soundsystem, and for the occasion Sassy J will be joined by crucial UK innovator Dego. Expect an intimate vibe, deep music and plenty of smiles.
  • Patchwork Night with Sassy J & Dego - Flyer front