Dj Mustard Gunn at Mount Heartattack with Lono and Dave Shades

  • Mustard Gunn is the boss of much lauded London based label and style-maker Coin-Operated Records. He is also a very, very handy DJ with a punchy, raucous style not unlike the roster of his label, which includes the likes of 3d!t, The Squire of Gothos, Bracket (r.i.p), Warlock, kgol, Kanji Kinetic and Michael Forshaw... Expect a thrilling set, that will jump from bassline to dubstep to rave and all out wonk madness, amongst disco and punk energy. Mount HeartAttack residents Lono and Dave Shades will provide the sexualised pump of their twisted horror boogie, big love sound to warm your asses up for a doin'!!!