Cerca Trova - Seek and You Will Find - 1st Birthday

  • / / n e w s / / Cerca Trova are back, in our basement, in East London and celebrating our 1st birthday for our winter party! Sadly this will be the last event held here as the building will be turned into flats. There are not many intimate unique spaces like this anymore so we are happy our 1st birthday will be the last 1 there! (See our picture below ;-) / / v e n u e / / Basment limited to 300 and a 2nd room located on the 3rd floor holding 60. We are treating you to a Purple Audio 10k bespoke Funktion one sound system for our birthday (Basically this sound system will be set-up to complement our basement) / / g u e s t l i s t / / We want this as intimate and as personal as possible so we have made this one a guest list only, come and join us for our winter party... 3 ways to get guestlist; -Please follow the promotional link below for guest list or -Send full names over to; [email protected] or -Text your names to; (will follow shortly for the late gustlist) / / e x t r a i n f o r m a t i o n / / We are fully aware our Summer party was a hot one! Rest assured our Winter party will be much much cooler, London is very well known for its cold winters (its cold already!) and this summer was a hotter one than normal! The average London temperature in November is 5 degrees where as in August the temp was 21! You do the maths! :-) / / c o n c e p t / / "Cerca Trova" - "Seek and you shall find" - is a tantalizing five-century-old message painted on a fresco in the council hall of Florence's Palazzo Vecchio. These are the cryptic words to the location of a long-lost Leonardo da Vinci painting.. "Cerca Trova" is a hidden message within the building which was a clue to find the further 'masterpiece' he created. We want to emulate this by signifying this through music. Our intention is to fuse quality underground house&techno from underground artists in London and the European scene for those that are into their music and for the party people who just like good parties, we creating an enviroment where we can have fun, feel safe and get away from club politics! If we didn't have the quality of the clubber our artist's have no canvas to work on. We are passionate about our party and we love to give a lot but we expect a little in return and its those that seek and find us are rewarded for a good night.. Followers that go a little extra further are the people who we want at our parties... / / D J / / :Ray Okpara:: We have been fans of Ray’s music for some time now. We first heard Ray in June this year, at Soweso Records off sonar party @ becool Barcelona. It is very rare to find a DJ as good as his music he makes, Ray defiantly falls into this category! His music has reached probably every house DJ’s record bag, and has featured on labels such as Oslo, Cecille and Remote Area to name a few. His warm grooving sets, combined with his powerful presence behind the decks makes him an amazing act to see. For Cerca Trova, he is the perfect DJ to celebrate our first birthday with Bio: http://www.livet.de/artists/ray_okpara/ Join his fan page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ray-Okpara/114508938309?ref=search&sid=533088316.2064099361..1 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::Nic & Kaleb:: If you have partied in either London or Ibiza over the past year, there’s no doubt you would have heard of these two little rascals. They have kept themselves to a strict sound and style, which has captivated clubbers and promoters alike in the UK and Ibiza this year, we just know we got even more to come before the year is out :-) We have been trying to work together since the very first Cerca Trova, but for one reason or another the dates never worked out. After an amazing season on the white isle they’re back, and what better time to tie them down than our birthday. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::Lee Rands:: What a year it has been for Lee. Not only has he held down an impressive residency for MuMu, which has seen him play all across the UK and Ibiza, he is also partly responsible for making Friday nights kool again, with his party night ‘Unwind’. This partnership with good friend Chrissy Maranello was born from their massive success hosting London's Wonky Disko together. Lee actually played the first ever set at Cerca Trova, so he holds a special place with us. Now one year on it only seemed right to have him back, with his amazing house sound that caught our attention the first time. SEE YOU IN THE BASEMENT!
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