Texture - Memorial Weekend

  • Texture's going all-out for the long weekend with a showcase of just how musically diverse techno can be, from Egyptian Lover to Rrose to PLO Man and Dr. Rubinstein.
  • TEXTURE and Marble bar are back for the 3rd straight Memorial Day weekend experimentation, where we explore the possibilities of temporal experience intertwined with light, space, and sound. The annual gathering on Saturday night is our opportunity to push to the outer boundaries of spatial design and sonic experience - to celebrate the occasion, we've invited some incredibly talented friends and guests from across the global underground. • The balcony tickets gives access to the 2nd level balcony area inside at marble bar - this includes its own separate bar, bathroom, and lounge area that overlooks the main dance floor inside. • Entry to Staub is included with presale Texture ticket. • The wristband will be good from 10pm until the end of Staub.
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      $20 super early birds, $25 early bird, $30 tier 1, $35 tier 2, $40
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