Portals To The Underground

  • Venue
    • 1439 Washington Ave.; Miami Beach, FL 33139; United States
  • Date
    Thu, 4 Apr 2019
    22:00 - 05:00
  • Attending
    • 4
  • ̸


    -Samul- -L.E.O- -Adar B2B Bort- -Virgo-
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  • Portals Collective debut event is finally happening! The portal to The Underground will showcase local DJs from Miami who sound untraditional. Inspired by Euro-Detroit dance club music, our line-up will be a tastebreaker for the city of Miami. Samul's liquid minimal groove sounds will flow through your veins and pump a Romanian feel into your body. The water will cleanse you and prepare you for Leo's scorching flames of underground Miami techno. Once fired up, Adar and Bort's whispering gusts of dark, emotional, melodic techno will be a breath of fresh madness to your ears. When the wind subsides, Virgo's icy organic acid techno will quake the earth with vibrations not yet known to man. With all the elements joined together the portal to the dance dimension can open and create the ultimate dance experience where everyone can feel safe and express themselves fully. This night is inspired by community, love, and movement. Portals welcomes all people from every way of life to join us for this special evening of dance. We hope to create a safe welcoming atmosphere in which all individuals can feel free to be their authentic self, and be able to express themselves freely on the dance floor. We would like you to experience the night as a form of therapy where anyone can release all of their emotions and leave it out on the dance floor. Please respect the dance floor and one another. Be ready for something the beach hasn't seen in a long time!! Tickets available on Monday, March 18th
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