Refre5h present......James Lawson

  • Venue
    Club 414
    • 414 Coldharbour Lane; Brixton; London SW9 8LF; United Kingdom
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  • It just keeps getting better! What an awesome morning we had last month at reFre5h, with great sets from 2 great DJs and of course the refre5h residents. Trevor Mclachlan certainly rocked the house good and proper and showed us why he is such a household name in the UK hard Trance scene. But also, what a fantastic debut from VinDiesel! Brilliant tune selection and seamless mixing made that a set to be proud of! Well done Chris, can’t wait to get you back in the booth! Also fantastic sets from the residents Timmy Whiz and an amazing closing set from Nicky Hype, showing us how a party should be topped off! WOOT! This month we have a set many people have been waiting for, the return of a legend, one of the Godfathers of the Hard Dance scene, almighty DJ and producer JAMES LAWSON!!! Whoa! We at reFre5h HQ still cannot believe booking such a great name in the Hard Dance world, but we managed to pull it off, just for you, the clubbers! James took the Hard Dance world by storm with a number of high profile and long running residencies at London's premier club nights which included Ministry of Sound, Extreme Euphoria, Frantic and Twisted at The Fridge. He soon was headlining every leading hard dance event around the UK including Polysexual, Slinky, Innovate, Heat, Frantic, Tidy Weekender and Creamfields plus overseas dates in Russia, Finland, Norway, Holland, Ibiza, Australia, USA, Canada and New Zealand. One half of the legendary Edison Factor, their groundbreaking LIVE shows certainly set the bar high for the many acts which followed suit, being the first act to use computer software Ableton Live and also the first in the scene to perform using live instruments such as trombones, drums and keyboards incorporated into their set. A talented musician and prolific producer, James is responsible for many of the hard dance anthems we now know as classics and set up his label Edison Factor back in 2005 with Matt Williams, his partner in crime in the Edison factor LIVE shows. Now, working hard on his new album, James has been concentrating on the Psychedelic sound and we can expect to hear clips of this in what is sure to be yet another show stopping performance in this mans career. Gonna “Take it to the top!�