Thomas Jack, Travis Wild

  • thomas jack grew up in bega, a rural town in australia, and didn't delve into making music until he relocated to sydney for school. there, he discovered his love for electronic music, and took his first steps to becoming the internationally renowned house producer and dj he is today. an ever-evolving curator and artist, jack is constantly absorbing new influences, as is evident on his latest ep, ‘the versus.' FAQ/WTF? Elsewhere is a live music venue, nightclub and arts space, housed in a converted warehouse in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Elsewhere lives by an ethos of creative risk-taking, progressive music programming, respect for all people and art, and a desire to support and grow the communities that make it all possible. Elsewhere has multiple performance spaces, a large rooftop, a gallery, a loft café, and an outdoor courtyard, and operates a seasonal art program called Landscape. sign up for the listserv to keep up with our antics + show announcements: sign up: subscribe to the cal:
  • Thomas Jack, Travis Wild - Flyer front
    Thomas Jack, Travis Wild - Flyer back