Strongroom's Dead Glam Halloween Party

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  • Strongroom’s fancy dress Halloween party is back for a 4th year and this time, it’s dressed to kill….. Wearing platform boots and killer make up from goblin fairy artist in residence ZARA GAZE, the Glam Zombie shuffles under the sparkling disco ball and jostles amongst Witches with Aladdin Sane flashes and Vampires with Dave Hill fringes … Since 2006, the daytime has been subjected to the blood-curdling screams of our favourite Horror movies from years gone by – this year is no exception…. As daytime fades to night and darkness creeps in, chills and creaks can be heard as the Strongroom wheels of steel gather momentum and DJs disperse the cobwebs to begin the Monster Mash… From afar, trumpets herald the Ottoman battle march of the TRANS SIBERIAN MARCH BAND slaying their way through perfectly coiffured lycanthropes, driving them wild with their infectious Balkan Ska punk By now, the rabid crowd are baying for tonight’s headline act…. PROXY MUSIC - formed, like a multi –limbed Frankenstein’s Monster from various bodies from London’s underground music scene, in the likeness of Roxy Music circa 1973, they power their way through the first 3 of the Roxy albums, sending sweat, blood and glitter flying – driving the joy of glam rock home like a stake through Draculas heart. As a vampire needs blood, these glamorous ghouls are in need of refreshment – cue pvc clad vampiric sirens to hand out an elixir of OPAL NERA, whilst FIRE JUGGLERS keep wayward spirits enthralled. Lurching and shuffling, like extras from “Thriller”, back to the dancefloor, which will swing with the deadly disco headlong into dusk, where this past nights events and devilish sins fade into a distant memory of the most GLAM ROCK nightmare ever…. Links STRONGROOM BAR: Facebook: Strongroom Appreciation Society PROXY MUSIC: TRANS SIBERIAN MARCH BAND: PHOTOS FROM LAST YEARS PARTY:
  • Strongroom's Dead Glam Halloween Party - Flyer front
    Strongroom's Dead Glam Halloween Party - Flyer back