Pt02: Fred P

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    Fred P From Xavier Rousset
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  • It’s been one whole minute, and we’re very excited to invite you to our second. Welcoming back a truly celebrated local favourite, a certified master in refined, long-form storytelling—Fred Peterkin, also known as Fred P, Black Jazz Consortium, FP-Oner, FP197 and Anomaly. “Deep”, and deeply revered as an artist, and for good reason; eleven studio albums, an abundance of timeless releases, and decades upon decades of immersive, cathartic and spiritual DJ sets around the globe. With the consistently proven ability to take a room full of people blissfully into the frontiers of full-body meditation, we’re eager to experience Fred’s creative vision in the upstairs area at Laruche. Ensuring our guest has a platform of potential, our talented local support comes by way of From & Xavier Rousset. Limited online & door tickets to promote a more intimate space for dancefloor moments. “It's all about the time you're given and the quality of what you decide to do with that time.”
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