Kontakt presents... Top Cat Walsh

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    Top Cat, Walsh, I-Mitri, Felis, Rebel
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  • -- KONTAKT Presents -- After the massive success of the Kontakt v ABA SHANTI-I event we are putting on another dance, this time we have two of the hottest artists out there..... TOP CAT & WALSH. TOP CAT : Born in Manchester/UK into a Jamaican family, Top Cat came to test his skills on the microphone when he was visiting his cousins in Jamaica as a teen in the late 1970s. Soon he started kicking deejay lyrics on various UK soundsystems, like Sledge Hammer and Viking, and turned up at Sir Coxson Sound in 1989, where he got to know his long-time mic partner Tenor Fly. When the jungle hype came up, at first Top Cat was not exactly pleased by the fact that his late 1980s dancehall tune "Love Mi Sess" got bootleg remix treatments, but in 1994 he set up his own jungle label 9 Lives Records, where he released various remixes of his old dancehall songs as well as new material. As in 2007, Top Cat still tours the world with a program consisting equally of jungle and dancehall material. WALSH : Croydon based Dubstep DJ & PRODUCER. Walsh has been a part of the Dubstep scene from day 1. Previously Walsh was known For his twice-weekly shows on London’s Delight 103.00FM back to back with N-Type which catered for the "darker side" of UK Garage. Coming from the southsides and being a regular record shopper at Big Apple "RIP" Walsh found a family in the "Dubstep" sound. Walsh says "It was about 2001 when I thought this was the music I’m going to specialise in from now, I knew not many heads were in the sound and bookings would be non existent but it was the music that touched me most. Main influences then had to be the Horsepower, Ghost Crew & DJ Hatcha, I remember hearing Buck & Bury Original at velvet rooms around 2000 and that was it for me…. Benga and Skream were also smacking it with tunes like Skank and Cape Fear so there was a lot of beats to get into the music just no one knew about it. 2006 proves to be a great year for Dubstep and especially Walsh, now signed to Hotflush and Immerse recordings his name has grown all over the world as well as the UK. "Keeping fresh is very important to me, I love the whole dubplate culture, it keeps you on your toes and your mind focused on the music." Walsh say’s his style is very energetic and his sets full of uptempo tracks, "I’m really into the more techy, futuristic side of the sound. Mystical pads, staggered beat patterns, weighty sub bass…"I love it mate!" Catch Walsh at various events around the UK and abroad with pure dubplate pressure. DJs : MAIN ROOM - TOP CAT (Congo Natty). - WALSH (Hotflush Recordings). - I MITRI (CounterAction). - FELiS (Kontakt). - REBEL (The Real HRM !).
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