SDC x Ceephax Acid Crew Live

  • The acid hero performs live.
  • SDC x CEEPHAX ACID CREW LIVE! ... You are standing in a large room, there is a narrow passage from East to West and a stone stairway leading upward. ... The room is deafeningly loud, filled with an indeterminable squelching sound. The sound seems to reverberate from all of the walls, making it difficult even to think. On a table in front of you is a large collection of what appears to be musical machinery. ... >go north ... There are old engravings on the walls here. On the floor is a small stub of paper. ... >read engravings ... You read the engravings. They say 'SILVER DOLLAR CLUB PRESENTS CEEPHAX ACID CREW LIVE FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY'. You aren't sure what this means but it makes you feel good. ... >examine paper stub ... You pick up the paper, it is an invitation. It reads, 'The lords of Camelot invite you, on this day Friday 12th April, to partake in the wines of good fortune at the Berkeley Suite. ... >open map ... You open your map, the Berkeley suite appears to be close by. ... >go to berkeley suite ... You set off in the direction of the Berkeley Suite, you feel confident you're going to have a wonderful time. ... Support from SDC - Afters info 2 follow
  • SDC x Ceephax Acid Crew Live - Flyer front