Sonic Rendez-Vous

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    DJ Pharoah (DAYS, Funky Saturday) Atemi Blackbush (Wood Records, Days) Belle Bête
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  • Beauty & the Beat is one of the parties that arguably helped kick-start a global resurgence in the audiophile way of hosting a party. On Saturday 6th April, co-founder Belle Bete ( has invited two of his closest French domiciled allies in terms of both approach to sound and music selection, to host a special party at GIANT STEPS. DJ Pharoah (DAYS, Funky Saturday) is hailed by various sources as one of the most underrated DJs in the French circuit. He celebrated the 20th anniversary of his landmark night Funky Saturday last year and plays at almost all of the key jazz festivals in France and Europe. Atemi Blackbush (Wood Records, Days) is the man behind two of the most excellent releases last year, on both the Beauty and the Beat and Balearic Social Records labels. All three of these cats pride themselves on playing across the board and taking an adventurous, psychedelic approach the track selection.
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