Box of Kittens Pres: Special Request (Hotflush/XL Recordings)

  • When he DJs under his breakbeat and hardcore-inspired Special Request guise, Paul Woolford lays down beats that'll make your chest rattle.
  • It's not often Box Of Kittens venture into the clubs as a group. When they do you know you're in for something special... Special Request is the new rugged alias for house and techno stalwart Paul Woolford. Inspired by the unruly conventions of UK pirate radio stations, this project captures the raw energy and diversity of the illegal airwaves and uses this as a springboard of inspiration for a series of heavyweight productions that span from murky house through darkside techno to chaotic eye-of-the-storm hardcore/jungle tear-outs. The end results are incendiary.
  • Box of Kittens Pres: Special Request (Hotflush/XL Recordings) - Flyer front