Sunday Love's Road to Catharsis feat. Concret

  • Sunday Love, March 31st • Doors 2PM, Movement Meditation 3PM, Green Room 4PM Advance Tickets on sale Friday, March 15th @ noon Get Tickets: We can’t start a fire on the Flash rooftop but with Concret and our friends at Catharsis, we will definitely turn up the heat. Returning for a third consecutive year to Sunday Love, Mayan Warrior resident Concret’s groove is the perfect rhythm to get us in rhythm for the Spring’s Catharsis on the Mall, happening May 3 - 5. Concret is joined by Cale O’Neil aka DJ Symphonic, Heather Femia, and Kryptk. Also on this date, Sunday <3 presents Love Bazaar featuring vendors and fresh organic juice bar in the Club Level. So rise and shine, have your coffee, and head to Flash. Join us for Movement Meditation with LeeAnn King at 3PM, then join us on the rooftop for a dance into the night. Movement Meditation is a 45-minute meditation and light yoga session to reset the mind and remind us of all the beauties in life. Flash offers complimentary mat storage and limited quantity mats available on a first come basis. Concret (Mayan Warrior | Mexico City) Symphonic aka Cale O'Neil Heather Femia Kryptk CONCRET: Concret is an art & music project founded and directed by Italo-Mexican musician, DJ, and artist Diego Angelico Escobar, produced together with Italian sound designer and keyboardist Q-pha. The project was born when the two began working together in 2012 on material for Diego’s urban soundscapes art project, which was presented in New York City’s 3rd Ward Gallery. From that point on, they decided to start producing club tracks with a unique and personal approach. Their sound mixes house beats with dark Spanish vocals, techno atmospheres with disco synths, and deep bass sounds with ethnic percussion. Diego Angelico Escobar hails from Milan, however he is currently based in Mexico City in an effort to discover more about his family’s origins and experiment in what he deems is the most fascinating up-and-coming city. In addition to the Concret project, Diego is the manager and owner of the Trafico Music, a label that celebrates the love of eclectic sound, mingling current trends with its own tropical electronic wave. He has also played frequently at Rollover in Milan, a party that has gained quite the legendary reputation. Diego met Q-pha when they were in an Italian New Wave band called “Yut!,” where Q-pha was the keyboardist. Since that time, Q-pha has been a sound designer for design brands, an audio engineer for different clubs in Italy, and now a music producer. Concret’s debut album, Play the City #0, came out on Truth Underground Records (Los Angeles) in 2013. After releasing Concreta/mente EP in 2014 on In Textures Music (Mexico City), they spent the remainder of the year focused on remixing for various Mexican musical acts. In the summer of 2015, Concret released new material on House of Hustle (Belgium) and on Toy Tonics (Germany), a sublabel of the renowned Gomma Records. London-based label Nein Records released their latest work, First of All EP in 2016. CATHARSIS: Catharsis on the Mall was initiated and originally organized by a group of individuals in Washington, DC, acting in accordance with Burning Man's ten principles. We sought a local experience that integrated the best of our burner values with the immediate desire for political and cultural change that brings people to DC. The annual event "Catharsis on the Mall" is the culmination of an entire year of planning and organizing. It is a vigil that features lectures, discussions, workshops, community art, music, and unstructured spaces intended to facilitate seeing and healing for wounds in ourselves, each other and in our society.
  • Sunday Love's Road to Catharsis feat. Concret - Flyer front
    Sunday Love's Road to Catharsis feat. Concret - Flyer back