Powerfm & Friends presents Offshoot

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    Thomas House
    • Thomas House, 86, Thomas Street, Dublin 8.
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  • PowerFM and friends present - "Offshoot" - a DEAF event for PowerFM. From 8.00pm, Thursday the 22nd of October, downstairs in The Thomas House, 86, Thomas Street, Dublin 8. Djs on the night - four records on, four records off, back to back, in rotation, in alphabetical order playing vinyl only are: Mossy (PowerFM, Lazybird) Paul Chillage (Xfm) Paul Grant (PowerFM) Steph Power (PowerFM) This promises to be one of the most musically interesting nights of the DEAF festival. Expect full on electronica and electro in various forms, both vintage and new. No beard needed; just a smile will do. Mossy: Involved in setting up the Lazybird club and label which he still runs and one of the DJs on the Lazybird Radio Inactivity show on Powerfm.org. One of the organisers of the infamous Mor festival. Runs a distribution outlet for independent and alternative music called Cavallerro. Favourite artists include Autechre, The Fall and Scientist. Favourite authors include Flann O'Brien, Alan Moore, Philip K. Dick and Jeff Noon. Not a fan of things that are 'indie' but not independent. Supported Liverpool all his life. Paul Chillage: One half of the Chillage Idiots who've been broadcasting on Xfm for nearly 14 years playing an assorted mix of electronic music styles from ambient to gabber. He's deejayed in almost every venue in the city. Currently likes to play in bars with good selections of whiskey. Favourite artists include Depeche Mode, The Smiths, The Sundays and Kettel. He sells a mean shoe. Currently reading Ivor Browne's "Music And Madness". Supported Liverpool all his life. Paul Grant: Dj, promoter, photographer, creator for nearly 15 years, Paul has been involved in promoting, photographing and djing at too many events to mention. In the recent years he has have moved away from solely organising music events and has been branching out in to photography, art exhibitions, fundraisers for films and charities, volunteering for other organisations to achieve a common goal and to satisfy his own needs to create. Currently plies his trade on PowerFm presenting "Diversity Challenge" a musical mix of endless permutations of soul, disco, house, techno, you name it, he plays it. Paul is the mastermind behind "Offshoot". Also, supported Liverpool all his life. Steph Power: A roaming sadhu from America, who has graced the shores of Ireland for the past 11 years, Stephanie was a musical prodigy that had no instrument. She found that playing records on her sad little turn table one after another pleased people greatly, so she saved up her pennies and bought some Technics and the rest is history. She now blesses the internet waves of PowerFM every Thursday night and occasionally appears in her music room to select audiences. She is too modest to mention her achievments so lets the music do the talking. Could care less about Liverpool or football. Hope to see you there :-)
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