Konstruct Vault Series: MUTEK Weekend Afterparty with Operator (UK)

  • Please join us for a proper techno afterparty the weekend of San Francisco's MUTEK festival at a private location. Location released evening of event. Check the Facebook event page for info line and details. Featuring the sounds of: OPERATOR (Blue Hour, Audio Assault, Soma) UK - *US Debut* Operator is the alias of UK Techno artist Rich Jones, who has been working hard on his craft since the late 90s. After a successful 5 year stint under his own name, with releases on labels like Soma and Kanzleramt, Operator was born in 2012 to allow Rich the freedom to chase his unique vision for Techno incessantly groovy, deeply hypnotic, subtle, yet powerful and with a large focus on percussion, texture and atmosphere. Rich also created his own label, Gnosis Records, in 2012. Here he released his first EP under his new Operator moniker, which was quickly picked up and played by a host of leading underground DJ’s, such as DVS1, Drumcell, Steve Rachmad and Radial - the latter of which led to a release on the esteemed Dutch label Audio Assault, ran by Radial himself, and Bas Mooy. After this, Rich was selected by leading Techno first lady Rebekah to be included on a VA EP she was compiling for the famous CLR label. The result was the Mind Sets EP, where Rich featured alongside Perc, Pfirter, and Dark Chambers. Gnosis 002 followed, also to a great reception, and by now Operator’s name was in the ascendent. In late 2015 his hugely successful ‘Elastic Minds’ EP on Tresor resident Marcelus’ label Singular Recordings, was the best selling vinyl release on that label to date, firmly putting Operator on the map, and leading to Rich playing Tresor, and licensing one of the tracks to a Fabric mix CD. Since then Rich has put out Gnosis 003, with Gnosis 004 in the works, and a host of remixes on labels such as Emetic, Green Fetish Records, Geushky, From 0-1 and Blue Hour. Most days you will find Rich in his garden studio jamming, zoning out and tweaking…mastering his craft, which he considers a never-ending labour of love. With requests coming thick and fast, and no shortage of material stacking up on his hard drive, the future looks bright for this Portsmouth based Techno nerd. SONE (From 0-1, Android Muziq, Darknet) Seattle Sone is Seattle, Washington based DJ and producer Brian Sonnleitner. His first exploits into live music was being immersed in the underground punk scene in Wisconsin during the mid/late 90's. Fast forward to now, while keeping the same energy and ethos of his early experiences, Brian is a DJ of nearly 2 decades with his sets trending towards the driving and tracky side of techno. 2008 brought Sone into the realm of production with his music exploring a heavier, stripped down sound. His original productions and remixes have received support from Ben Sims, Reggy van Oers, Joachim Spieth, Juho Kusti, TWR72, Soolee, and many others. His tracks appear on his home label, From 0-1, which he runs with long time friend JX-216; while surfacing on other labels such as TMM Records, Android Muziq, Webuildmachines, Rheostatus, and Darknet. TAPE GHOST *Live* (Asterisk, Ghunghru) San Francisco Tape Ghost is the solo project of San Francisco based producer David Grunzweig. He is the co-founder of the Asterisk Collective, a promoting group that focuses on highlighting experimental and industrial techno artists in the Bay Area. As a DJ, his sets range from pacifying ambient and soundscapes to angular and psychedelic techno. His productions have been released by the labels Ghunghru and Perfect Location Records. U-SRD *Live* (Konstruct, From 0-1) //SF// U-SRD is a DJ/Producer duo from San Francisco, California launched in 2016 by Loammi Rodas, and Fabrizio Uscanga. Coming from distinctly different musical backgrounds, both artists found common ground with a shared love of Techno after many years of DJing. A passion for hardware, and modular synthesis further cemented their journey into production as a duo. Over the last few years they’ve generated a significant following in SF, and in 2018 teamed up as partners with the Konstruct Techno events crew. Early that same year they were picked up by San Francisco/Seattle Techno label, From 0-1 and signed three original tracks, to be featured on their debut EP slated for release early in 2019. Expect a mental and hypnotic approach to their DJing, production, and their newly launched hybrid live/DJ performance; already starting to make waves beyond SF, they are ones to watch in the coming years. RUBIDIUM (Konstruct, Webuildmachines, From 0-1) San Francisco Rubidium’s current take on techno is heavy and dense. Her sound can vary from driving to hypnotic, experimental to atmospheric, with an occasional dip into an ambient realm. She is fond of tension, creative sound design and exploring darker themes in her sets. Rubidium has opened for notable techno artists Cio D'Or, Black Asteroid and Tommy Four Seven. Her tracks can be found on the From 0-1, Webuildmachines, Subspec and Anode labels, with more on the way. Rubidium also serves as art director of From 0-1, pushing pixels and podcasts since the label began in 2008. Visuals by Pixelpusher ::Techno for the People::
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