Fragile Constructions with R.O.S.H.

  • Fragile Constructions presents: R.O.S.H.; the made in England has shown a knack for productions that blend bracing club music with a dizzying array of influences. A sound rooted in UK underground music but clearly inspired by everything but. Those with a finger on a pulse are conscious of his releases being championed and cherished by the most prominent taste makers in the game such as Young Marco, Palms Trax, DJ Seinfeld or Laurent Garnier to name a few. As a DJ R.O.S.H. is as meticulous as it gets but it’s not without his own unique sense of humour, surprise and energy. He’s as likely to draw for the latest techno belter as he is a Janet Jackson album cut (+ he's an undisputed UK Funky connoisseur so get ready for some bumpy screamers). IMHO R.O.S.H. represent the refreshing counterbalance to those lifeless, pretentious DJs by focusing on what's really important; playing beautiful music and having heaps of fun doing it. Obviously, as R.O.S.H.'s creative talent hasn't gone unnoticed, he's been invited to play some of the sickest clubs out there. Here's his recent set from Berghain / Panorama Bar: Right, enough with the chat. FC is bringing this up-and-coming chirpy gem to Glasgow for the first time and we hope to be joined by some lovely folks for a dance where self-awareness can get to fuck! Everybody welcome!!! <3
  • Fragile Constructions with R.O.S.H. - Flyer front