Wish feat Mlle Caro

  • On December 11th the best of British clubbing will be coming together with the best of French clubbing as WiSH comes to The Nouveau Casino in Paris. Our theme for the night will be a film made in 1976 called 'A nous les petites Anglaises'. The story is set in the summer of 1959 when two schoolboys from Paris fail their exams and are sent on holiday to the south of England to improve their English (those of us who actually live in the South of England know that this idea is well dumb, innit?). What the two lads actually find in England is lots of other French schoolboys who have been similarly punished and lots of English girls who are in need of punishment (as John Lennon said, ‘Young girls should be obscene and not heard.’ Maybe he would have ended up on some kind of register for that comment if some nutjob hadn’t of popped a cap in his ass). Now, being sent to England as a punishment is something I’m sure we can all identify with but suffice it to say the two young sirs are soon fluent in the language of England and the language of love. It’s good to be bi, non? But we have been babbling like crazed children who have been allowed to stay up with the grown-ups. Let us remember our manners and introduce ourselves. We are WiSH. We have been taking East London by storm for three years now with queues stretching around the block and top name guest DJs. Our philosophy is simple: To bring back innovation and inspiration to our clubbing scene. We would like to think that our attention to detail and passion for music, graphics, web design and fashion with an added element of surprise keeps us fresh and new, but music is our number one love. When we visit Paris in December we will be bringing two naughty school children - resident dj KATH HARDING and guest dj RAYMONDO RODRIGUEZ– who will looking to learn about love from the locals. Kath together with her partner Linda has built WiSH up from a small club night in London’s Soho to the all-encompassing colossus that it is now. South African by birth Kath came to London in the mid 90’s and has played in some of the biggest, smallest, coolest and dirtiest venues alongside the finest djs in the industry. She is well known for her ability to drop eclectic audible treats mid-set. Away from the decks Kath believes that long life comes from the replacement of food with cigarettes and water with wine. Raymundo has come to WiSH and loved us a little bit more on several occasions. We have him back because we love him and he comes back because he loves us. He is one of the most prolific DJ's working today, with a relentless DJ schedule that has earned him the reputation as 'the DJ who never sleeps' (rumours that he is also ‘the DJ that never washes’ have never been substantiated). Raymundo is the main resident at Jaded at Ghost in East London. He plays regular guest slots around the UK, Italy and Eastern Europe and has recently started an exciting new residency at Rome's brand new super club 'Room 26' where he spins every Friday night, playing along side the likes of Carl Craig, Chicken Lips, Metro Area and Pete Heller. Kath and Ray will be joined by Paris’s own MLLE CARO who is signed to Ben Watt’s Buzzin’ Fly label. She will be attempting to learn English from the cockneys of East London, we suspect they will be learning more from her. Mlle Caro has been resident at the famous PULP club and is resident at Paris’ Rex club. She has played with all the great European DJs, honing a fierce and blistering deep disco-tech style. Brimming with energy, she will electrify any dancefloor. Her lightning rise promises many beautiful things and surprises for the future. Visuals will be provided by our own naughty little schoolboy - HOBBYBOY. Hobbyboy has been doing the visuals at WiSH since the beginning of the world (you know the ‘let there be light bit’? That was him). At WiSH he does considerably more than just turn a light on and off. Like the young people of 'A nous les petites Anglaises' I’m sure we have a lot we can learn from each other. At the very least we can have a dirty weekend.
  • Wish feat Mlle Caro - Flyer front