Gents & Dandy's Labelnight

  • 📣 Gents & Dandy's Labelnight at White Cat, Gent! UPDATE: We were informed last week that Flat A's lease had been abruptly ended by the property owner. So instead of cancelling the label night, we had to find an alternative location. The event will now take place at White Cat, Gent. We'd have loved to keep it in Antwerp but didn't find a good replacement in such a short time. Currently in our 5th label year and we finally managed to get a date at a pretty nice eventspace in hometown Antwerp. Come join us on Wednesday 29 May (Thursday is public holiday) at White Cat, Gent for a night filled with music by artists that have released on the label. Tickets 👉🏻 🐦 Early birds go on sale Monday 11th March! ⚠️ Limited capacity, 2 Hr Livestream 🎬 (à la boiler room) Secure your ticket(s) in advance!
  • Gents & Dandy's Labelnight - Flyer front