Pataphores de Pédales

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    Seht Zhan (electronics/quadraphonique) Martin Howse (electronics/magick) Debmaster (electronics/freecore)
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  • The wackiest improv series in town is back, first event of the year fellas! Very diverse night we will have, 3 sets that is: I will start the madness with a quadraphonic set, playing a rather rare conceptually limited set, based on "tides". Back and forth back and forth.. Then things get more serious I believe, we will host again the "Overlord of radioactive code and soil", the "Re-interpreter of granular darkness", the one and only, Martin Howse!! Say no mo' say no mo'! To close in proper Saturday vibes, some proper post Moldavian 8 bit Anti Dance COre by local hero Debmaster man!! Donations welcomed!
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