Shake! presents Traxman, AceMo, Dee Diggs

  • TRAXMAN (Chicago Factory Music, Dance Mania) Cornelius Ferguson a.k.a. Traxman And Better know as Corky Strong is from the West Side of Chicago and one of the longest serving producers working in House and Footwork with releases stretching back to the glory days of Ghetto House on Dance Mania records in the nineties. He’s also one of the co-founders of Chicago's two-decades- G.E.T.O DJZ INC clique and a member of DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn's Teklife CREW And the founder of TEKK DJZ crew and has recorded with power house lables like dance mania' planet mu' Dizzy Tunes' chi wax' litcity trax' booty tune' booty call records Raw wax and also was one of the creators of the legendary mixtapes on coloured cassettes which were the prototype for Juke and Footwork's evolution. His unique brand of Footwork is very strongly rooted in Chicago's history of Soul, Funk, House and Ghetto Trax; he’s a veteran and renowned crate digger who has provided the sample sources for many of House' Juke and Footwork's classic tracks over the years. His deep knowledge of music (check the mixes he occasionally throws up on the net) makes him one of the city’s most versatile and skilled DJs and producers. ACE MO (New York, Haus of Altr, World Wide) YC-based Techno savant AceMo is one among an essential body that is currently reshaping the dynamics of underground dance music in North America. He has procured a following within New York and beyond due to his tactful melding of House, Rap, Techno, and various idiosyncratic sounds. A focused level of street sophistication is apparent throughout his catalogue of albums and recorded mix sessions i.e. full length “Black Populous” (Bootleg Tapes), 2018’s “AceMo Ep” (Vanity Press), and his recent mix for Beats in Space. Ace is also a founding member of radio show and party collective Half Moon BK, who are consistently platforming POC artists through mixes and live plays. He has spent the last year playing NYC and beyond including Sublimate (NYC), Hot Mass (Pittsburg), Directory (LA), OMW (Toronto), MoMA PS1 Warm-Up (NYC), and more. DEE DIGGS (Shake!, Half Moon, Evlv Tech) Dee Diggs is a DJ, event curator & organizer from Boston, MA but now based in Brooklyn, NY. She is unapologetically black, queer, & femme. She is building and using her influence to create space for marginalized groups to express & organize themselves. Her aim is to sustain more spaces where these groups are valued and thanked by name for their contributions to humanity. Saturday, April 6, 2019 Downstairs at Good Life, 28 Kingston St, Boston $10 Advance Tickets | $15 Door Shake! wants everyone to have a safe and fun time. Any disrespectful behavior or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave. ♥
  • Shake! presents Traxman, AceMo, Dee Diggs - Flyer front