'Wild Boars Tuscany' Label Showcase Party

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    SORRYCAT Dj Darius Sterling DadaPop Device (live set)
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  • (If don't have ACSI card for the entrance, you can register and have it directly at the venues's door) ** WB-T ** Tuscany is the crown jewel of italy, famous for its lands,food and history. WB-T is rooted inside the collective Pisa Underground Movement,with the purpose of giving value to the production of Underground music in the territory. Each artist individually contributes in the creation of unreleased EP's and also cures the production of an original soundbank that will be eventually distributed in a variety of channels. In the future we aim to collaborate with other artist and labels to create a circuit of collaborations and production of various genres. Our label deals in particular with electronic music but also with experimentation and research. Underground music is not made for fame neither to make money. Music is born as a channel of communication that makes possible to comunicate a story, thoughts and words. The relevance of what said is more valuable than the money that was given to allow it Founded by: Cairn (Daniele Vergamini) Sterling (Gabriele Bartolucci) ARTF (Dario Filidei) S0RRYCAT (Fabio Fontanelli) Device (Lorenzo Puccini) Andr Ca (Andrea Caracciolo)
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