Map Festival 2019

  • Venue
    • Sharikopodshipnikovskaya str 13 bld 32, Moscow, Russia, 115088
  • Date
    6 Jul 2019
    Sat 18:00 - Sun 23:59
  • Promoter
  • Attending
    • 56

  • The Moscow festival has put together an inspiringly eclectic bill, from DJ Krush to LTJ Bukem and DVS1, and takes place at Mutabor, one of the city's best venues.
  • MAP is a city happening of new generation and energy resource for Moscow cultural life, platform for contemporary art development and independent russian and foreign creators collaboration. The coordinate system – music + art + performances. Divided into day and night programmes and empowered by local and international musicians. July 6-7 Map Festival 2019 will take place at Mutabor art center, occupying four scenes with live shows, concerts and performances. The team of organizers understands the space, both playgrounds and genres and formats, and video artists create pictorial images inside the festival. The festival will open its doors at 18:00 from the evening program, which includes: the founder of the underground hip-hop movement in Tokyo - Dj Krush also Finetune (live) Sophia Rodina live, a concert and percussion duet Cavelamp. Resonance Moscow will occupy Main and medium dance floors over the night, introducing to Moscow electronic scene DOPECLVB, an experimental group of Russian rap industry, and GAIKA from UK, skillfully mixing in his music electronics and rap. Also, rare live performance will be presented by CATNAPP, that made some noise warming up Moderat during their tour, CoH, an artist of Raster-Noton, as well as Opuswerk, ARS WAS TAKEN, NZXV a/v and more… Festival will become the safe zone for all human individuals expressions, will give the opportunity to join the brand new movement and break the routine. Powered by SLOWDANCE team. Limited quantity of Early bird tickets are on sale.
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