Acuña presents SlothBoogie – Day & Night Easter Special

  • Acuña is back with a day & night Easter Saturday special. This time we are being joined by one of London’s most highly respected underground electronic music crews, SlothBoogie. Encompassing a DJ collective, record label, radio show & regular party series these guys have been attentively selecting the finest of underground electronic music on their highly acclaimed website for nearly a decade. In that time they’ve been an influential driving force in the discovery of new talent as well as continued support of established headline artists in the scene. We can't wait to combine their sound with that of the like-minded Acuña Collective. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Acuña, a sound inspired by new jazz and club-rooted soul music from around the world, blended with the emerging and growing lo-fi London house scene. Two genres that go hand-in-hand to create an incredibly diverse, warming and immersive club experience. A series of well thought out parties, taking influence from global musical cultures and the natural world. Join us.
  • Acuña presents SlothBoogie – Day & Night Easter Special - Flyer front